Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance

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  • man in black
    man in black

    I just heard this comment, and thought it was very interesting and that others might enjoy it !

    Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance

  • Hadit

    Thanks! Good quote - so true. That is if one isn't too ignorant to accept it - we all know ones like that.

  • Terry

    When we are very young it is obvious that older people know all the important things.

    We are taught what "not" to do. We are taught what to do.

    If we are lucky and bright we might even discover our own process of discovery works pretty well too.

    At a certain point in our maturation we reach a point of confidence. Maybe over-confidence.

    Round about teenage years we must differentiate ourselves from our mentors and custodians.

    We assert an identity which differs.

    If what we've been taught and told is ONLY from the basis of AUTHORITY it is easy to cast off our value system.


    It isn't OUR value system. It is the AUTHORITY over us.

    This is a pass/fail point in life.

    A Rebel without a Cause will rebel at mere authority.

    A thinker, a logical discoverer, an individual will acquire facts and test hypothesis as they go and cling to what works and discard what doesn't.

    Psychologists call this "trying it on."

    Our world view--if it "works"--allows us success and happiness, friends and opportunity; comfort and a future unfold before us.

    If our world view is flawed or an outright fabrication--we suffer depression, failure, poverty, unhappiness, bitterness and no future.

    Usually, it is at the point of total ruin the failures have one final crossroads opportunity to REBOOT!

    We honestly haul everything we believe and think we know and put it ALL on the table for review.

    Our ignorance is total.

    We admit that ignorance.

    Square one.

    At this point is where a basic error might well kick in. The same world view that got you into failure before hasn't gone away! Your REBOOT might be approached applying the same non-workable values that ruined you in the first place.

    Such as belief, faith, confidence in holy books and surrender to Authority.

    OUR OWN IGNORANCE is a progressive discovery of itself. Education can't help.

  • Heartbreaker

    MIB - I love it....gonna steal it!

  • tec

    I also like it.

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