Is a class action lawsuit against the WT viable?

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  • JimmyPage

    I think it could be proven pretty easily that the WT has lied to its members for decades.

    What if a number of former JWs banded together to prove the WT's policies cost them large sums of money over the years (due to the discouragement of education and the idea that one shouldn't invest in a world that's going to end soon)?

    If we were rewarded with money, that's icing on the cake. Personally the real purpose of such a lawsuit to me would be to cripple the Borg.

    How viable is such an idea? And if not, what might be a realistic alternative plan?

  • blondie

    You'd have to convince a lawyer and/or a firm that it is worth his/her time and effort and that there is sufficient legal basis.

    What Is a Class Action Lawsuit? (this is not an endorsement of this company)

    Filing and fighting a lawsuit can cost a great deal of money. For the average person, that can place justice out of their reach. But if that person becomes a part of a class (a group of similarly situated people), if the class can find a lawyer willing to finance and litigate a lawsuit, then all members of the class have a chance to right a wrong.

    That is a class action lawsuit — a lawsuit brought on behalf of many similarly situated people who have been harmed in the same way by the same entity.

    Usually class action litigation will have very few named plaintiffs (one or two is common), but those plaintiffs represent many other people — hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of people.

    Do you have a case that might be a class action? For examples of actual class action lawsuits, please see our Past Class Actions page. For information about potential class action cases, see the list on the left and click on any topic.

    Class action lawsuits: Small claims multiplied by many people

    The harm done to one person may amount to a relatively small amount of money — an extra $10 fee when you buy a product or service, for example. But if that $10 is multiplied by all the people who had to pay it, the amount could be a profit of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to the company that charged the bogus fee. A successful class action lawsuit can force the company to pay back all the members of the class plus pay a penalty. A resource for righting the wrongs of others.

    You may have a case that just isn't worth fighting on its own — an employer who doesn't pay the right amount of overtime, manufacturers who fix prices on products, a household product that fails in normal usage. By joining with others in a class action, you will be helping yourself and others, and you will be sending a message that wrongdoing has a price. Finding lawyers who fight for justice

    Not many law firms have the resources to invest in class action lawsuits. Many firms that do have the resources do not want to use those resources to fight difficult cases. At, we bring together people who have been wronged with the right law firm to handle the case. There is absolutely no obligation to anyone who contacts us.

    Class action lawsuits: Lawyers seeking justice for many people

    Not every law firm or attorney has the resources to file a class action lawsuit. It takes a significant financial investment to investigate the wrongdoing, use the legal discovery process to obtain evidence, consult with expert witnesses, obtain class action certification, and fight the case in court — all against the formidable resources of a large corporation.

    Tell us about your case.

    At, you can share your experiences and determination in the fight for justice. Fill out the form on this page or on the contact page. There is no cost or obligation. This is an opportunity to hold businesses accountable for their actions.

  • thetrueone

    Doubtful if any, particularly in the States where the freedom of religion is strongly ingrained into the country's Constitution.

    The possibly better chance might be the action by the WTS in applying coercive fear tactics to cull people to their control

    an individual entire life.

    Religion can not be held libel for lying and postulating misinformation to the public.

  • beksbks

    In my youth (about 22), my husband and I "won" a chance at a drawing. The prizes were a BBQ, or a vacation. We had to sit through a time share presentation (2 hours). We did not buy of course, and so came our "spin". Wonder of wonders, we won the BBQ. The friend we had with us was a bold soul, and ran behind the wheel to find that it was indeed weighted to land on BBQ every time. We went directly to the police, who were just across the street, seething with righteous indignation. They explained the something for nothing theory, along the lines of buyer beware.

    It is ultimately our or our parents or grandparents fault for our losses. Buying in to a fantasy.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Anything is possible but it would take a boatload of money.

    Would have been better had the Russian government used a pro-civil-rights tactic rather than straight up persecution against the Borg.

  • wasblind


    i have to admit , im a lazy person, so I truly appreciate the info you post

    even though i could find these things myself if i wasn't so lazy, it's good

    to have someone post documented, reliable info, that one can depend on


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