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    Here is a statement from a Messianic Hebrew teacher Michael Rood. For you of those who are unfamiliar of what a Messianic Hebrew is, a Messianic Hebrew strives to restore the Hebrew roots of our faith, not following the words of man but only the words of God. A Messianic accepts Yeshua as the Messiah, which most people in the world refer to him a Jesus. A Messianic also accepts YHVH as God.

    Here is a quote from Michael in which I find the words to be so true and an attitude here in which we should all strive to have;

    “When we have believed something our entire lives and then when we find out that it's not the truth, sometimes it shakes up our world, because the word truth is equal to the word reality, and if you believe in something to be so, and you find find out in reality it is not so, your reality is shaken up a bit. There are some things that are displaced in your life, your feet are not on the solid ground that you thought they where on, and so it is a little bit disconcerting. And so when anyone teaches from the scriptures we are to prove all things and hold fast to that in which is good, and you all have the opportunity to do that.

    Those of you who have been with me as I have taught some of these things over the last few months, you have grown to trust me to a certain degree, because you realize what I have taught does stand on the scriptures. And there are some things I have taught, that perhaps your not in full agreement with, and I have said many times that you are not required to agree with me on everything because I sole solemnly agree with myself on many issues that I could hardly expect everyone to agree with me. But as it seats with Hebrews and has been throughout the whole case of the history of the Hebrew people, is you take a look at your teacher, at your rabbi, and you see, are the qualities in that persons life are they things you can learn from, things you can respect and you can glean from him. And if there are not things that you are really learning from him, then you are best to go somewhere else. You are not restrained from any denominational clause, any building in which you have to support any particular denomination, because in the body of Messiah their are no denominations. And in the body of Messiah, it is just one body, it is made of millions of members, and everyone has differing opinions. And just as it has been for thousand of years, if you disagree with your brother or sister, the end of the argument is, when the Messiah comes he will make all this clear. We can disagree on thins, we do not have to agree on many things. But our hearts desire is to search and know the truth and walk in that path. So since there are no denominations, and we see from the scriptures that all those denominations, those who say I am from Paul, Luther, all those who fit that frame work are in fact in a cult. And what we want to do is break down the cult mentality that describes the Western Gentile Christian experience, in which you have got to be right, your denomination has got to be right, we have the truth and this is where we stand and we will not listen to anything else. That kind of thing has to be broken down if we are going to be followers of the Messiah. Our traditions have got to be challenged.”

    I would encourage all of you to have a greater look at Michael Rood. He makes the bible easy to understand, leaving behind man made tradition and purly following the word of God. Like he said, you do not have to agree with him, if you find his words untrue you can keep walking by. I know he has helped me so much to have a greater apprcaition for God. You can visit his website

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Hi Kobe,

    Welcome! I enjoyed reading your post. I agree with the comparison that what we believe to be true becomes our reality.

    Good post. Gonna check out the author when I get a chance.

    Cult Classic

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    He learned his craft at The Way International, another high control cult.

    Like some Ex-JWs, instead of starting over from scratch, he has taken the beliefs he liked with him.

    The Mystery of Iniquity exposes the key event that will begin the last seven-year countdown to Armageddon and the physical act that will reveal the Anti-Messiah and constitute the final Abomination of Desolation prophesied by both Daniel and Yahshua.

    He sounds, to me, like just another doomsday cultist. Don't send him your money.



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    Kobe, are you Michael Rood?

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