Would you believe i had two separate visits in one day?

by wasblind 4 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • wasblind

    I guess they are not as organized as they think. this week alone, i had an invitation stuck in my door to the DC

    in our area, and today two different car groups stop by, i didn't tell either one that i had gotten and invite already

    cause that would have ruined my chance to question them on things in their reasoning book. oh BOY you should

    have seen the looks on their faces. And guess what ? they said their coming back to answer some of my questions

    that they couldn't answer today. OOOOOOh boy i can't WAIT. They thingk their gonna be doin' their preaching to

    me, but i'm planning on leaving them with a lot to think about

    and they can't say i'm persecuting them cause i'm doin' it with a smile

  • wasblind

    I know exactly what i'll ask on the next visit, i hope they come before the DC

    cause i'm gonna ask 'em about the 1914 generation, and show them what pg it's on in the reasoning book

    then i'm gonna ask 'em do you think that Jehovah would make a promise and then take it back?

  • RosePetal

    Hi wasblind I can't wait for the next visit please tell us how it goes. I think your very brave, witnesses called at my door not long ago but I went blank I shall pick up some tips from you so I don't panic next time. I have recently moved so the witnesses won't know who I am.

    Good luck RosePetal.

  • wasblind

    I certainly will rose, i'm going to be using my reasoning book while i still can before they change it

    while i was a bible student i was told that they were so organized that they did not visit a householder

    who had already been seen in the same day. maybe they did this because they were handing out invitations to the DC

    i don't know but i took advantage of it, i'm really hoping they keep their word and come back, because

    sometimes they don't especially when questions get to hot. And i got some hot questions

  • Jim_TX

    The first question I would ask them is why they need to go away and 'research' it? Don't they know their bibles? Sheesh! (But... I used to say the same thing...)

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