They Profane The Name of Jehovah

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  • metatron

    Witnesses have a collective concern about bringing disgrace on the organization ( Ro. 2:24). What their extremism blinds them to, however, is the current manner in which they are bringing shame on Jehovah and His Organization.

    They appear to be oblivious to the subtle way that the internet has changed society's view of advertising and the confirmation of what's true - and what isn't.

    You see, people are so deluged with claims and counterclaims and 'spin' and hype, that they are reacting by elevating personal testimony and experience, especially if negative. Car companies found out that, if a person gets a faulty car, they tell about 17 people of their misery. This is why quality of automotive manufacture has changed so dramatically. The Japanese jealously guard their reputations, even when they aren't always justified.

    As to the organization's reputation, lots of e-mails and letters are being posted on this and other sites that uncover the dark, sociopathic side of being a Jehovah's Witness - wishing for the death or suffering of others, ceaseless judgement and destroying the love of families.

    Let us be the "Angie's List" for this coldhearted religion.

    If this ugliness is what they want, so be it. (Mr. 3:5). They are bringing disgrace on themselves, the organization and Jehovah's reputation. I encourage all of you to keep posting this material that exposes the 'insensibility of their hearts". I see no hypocrisy on my part by pointing out the practical effects of their rejection of their own supposed principles.

    Thank you, Foolsparadise



    Good morning Metaton..

    The WBT$ has endlessly portrayed themselves as Victims..

    Then go about bullying anyone in their path..

    The WBT$ is it`s own worst enemy..

    The dispicable reputation the WBT$ has earned,is now being advertised on a globel level..


    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    " the dark, sociopathic side of being a Jehovah's Witness - wishing for the death or suffering of others,"

    I can remember so many times while out in field service, while sitting in the car or van,

    how we would talk about how we couldn't wait for Jehovah to destroy the worldly people,

    and if we happened to be riding in an affluent neighborhood, we would talk about how we

    could pick and choose any of theses homes for ourselves, after they had all been destroyed.

    now i look back, and ask , why wait until someone die, to get what they have , why not

    live and enjoy this life now.

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