Anyone know where the Earthquakes are caused by the Earth Settling quote appeared?

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  • VM44

    It was in a publication from the early 1960's I believe.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Even when righteous servants of God suffer as a result of wars and other disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, still God is not to blame. It is true that in specific instances in times past God caused disasters to execute the wicked, but on those occasions, as in the case of the cataclysmic flood in Noah’s day, a warning was given so that there was no question in anyone’s mind that God brought the destruction as he forewarned. But there is no Scriptural authority for believing that disasters in general are calamities God brings upon people to punish them for their sins. To the contrary, earthquakes, for instance, are found to be caused primarily by the settling of the earth, and not by a direct intervention of God. Instead of such calamities being acts of God, chance and unforeseen occurrence are involved

    WT 1 May 1962, Page 262

  • VM44

    Thanks Black Sheep.

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