Arizona Assembly Hall costs $7M (material & land)

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  • Gayle

    This has got to be an economic crunch for JWs around housing crisis has hit many JWs (and non-JWs). The job market is very tight. The Spanish-speaking have their pressures as there are some with citizenship legalities now also.

  • darthfader

    Looks pretty. It is supposed to serve Tucson as well as the Phoenix area? The witnesses have been struggling for years to get an assembly hall. Im glad this one is in an equally inconvenient location for everyone except those living in CG. It strikes me the number of volunteers who build Halls for the organization -- It's got to be a burden to all those construction workers looking for a job. I wonder if any of the workers are on Unemployment while volunteering for the Organization...

  • Gayle

    How much is commerical construction costs per square foot,,I realize that would be very depending on several factors.. Casa Grande Hall said was 45,000 sq ft at $7M for material & land, not including labor, of course,,cause they get it free. With that, it comes to $155.56 per square foot. Does that about right? I am thinking that is quite a lot when not including labor. (Is it possible, the WT is charging a lot on this to their JWs, considering get free labor from them) I found this through "google" (Interesting comments, by region,,so considering Phoenix area,, in this article that indicate lower cost per sq ft. that commercial would be including labor also)

    Can any construction engineers give a comment on this?
  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    One day they'll sell the facility for profit

  • miseryloveselders

    See this right here, is what makes me furious. I was having a good day today, until seeing the title of this thread. The powers that be in NY discourage education. They discourage careers, marriage, anything that takes into consideration your future that may very well be right here in "this system of things" for who knows how long. They don't have a problem requesting financial assistance for their unlimited building projects such as this, and their latest endevor in New York. Which by the way is accomplished through free labor. You understand where I'm coming from? Its dang near a sin to go to college, but they're constructing huge buildings with free labor and donations? WTF?!?! Circuit Overseers and DO's are getting free housing, apartments, and new vehicles as compensation for delivering talks and going out in field service. ARGHGHGH!!!

  • betterdaze

    This costly new mega church assembly hall is a fund-raising facility to support a tax-free global sham. Thanks to the Internet, their growing reputation as a cult now goes before them, so they bank on being an "education" denomination.

    a 45,000-square-foot weekend facility to be used by the denomination for biblical education.

    weekend-long educational instruction

    In the past, Jehovah’s Witnesses had rented out school auditoriums for their assemblies,

    “Everything about this location,” says Ellison, “is conducive to education.”

    representatives strongly encourage anyone to attend a weekend instruction.

    No mention that these Witness people are Christians or that the hall is for worship. Why are they so ashamed to say so?

    Yet, privately they have the audacity to call themselves the only True Christians™ and God's "sole channel" while hatefully demeaning worshippers of any other faith.

    Many of the members will be traveling distances that demand lodging, groceries and entertainment, and almost all visitors will require gas and meals.

    Funny, they used to be ministers sharing the good news of everlasting life on paradise earth… Now they go a-whoring with the hook of generating $$$ for local businesses! Could they be any less tactful more blatant about it?


  • SirNose586

    Great observation, betterdaze. And what's even funnier is that there's no education or worship to be found, just mind control and boredom...

  • miseryloveselders

    Now they go a-whoring with the hook of generating $$$ for local businesses! Could they be any less tactful more blatant about it?


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