Speaking of dreaming of the KH

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  • Heartbreaker

    Just last night I had a weird one. First, it was as if I was in school, I wanted to feel like I belonged in the classroom, but I couldn't follow the conversation, and it just didn't seem right. It was elementary school for petes sake, it just was blurry and weird. Then we were in theater seating, and it was a meeting that was like a convention.

    We were all sitting there, it was the last day. Apparently during this last day at the finality of the convention we were to all pass around over our heads these identical gift bags. The contents of the bags were all different, but were to all keep passing them around until they were so mixed up, and we ended up with a random bag. People started taking two or three, or for each individual member of their family. Some were consuming the contents and throwing the bags down. Others were just leaving quickly. At this point I had become frustrated because the gift bag idea was mine (???) and I didn't end up with one, not only that, but my large family, none of us had one. I looked to my mom and said "I told you this was a selfish loveless Organization. I was right to not want to be any part of it" and I hastily left. I couldnt remember where I parked, but I tried to leave anyway. It was so very frustrating!

    OK, disect!

  • frigginconfused

    the bags are ideas. no one in the WT really knows anything and you pick up on this. you want out but you feel trapped by knowing nothing out there is going to satisfy you either.

    hows that?

  • Heartbreaker

    Wow - that was friggen DEEP!!

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