Experience with housing convention delegates?

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  • teel

    I'm not sure how much was this the custom in other countries, but here during the conventions local JWs could offer their homes to those with special needs / who can't afford a hotel, etc.

    Many years ago as newly wedded couple we decided to offer our house. We got assigned a middle-aged (around 45) italian guy, who was a bible-study. Fortunately he spoke some of our language, so we understood each other. He was a weird one... he was probably the first time sleeping at someone else's house, he was acting almost as if he was at a hotel. I think he actually expected to be assigned to a hotel, and something got mixed up, because he was quite wealthy, he showed us pictures of his big mansion.

    As we found out soon enough this was actually a trip for him to look for a wife. He probably saw the whole "Bible-study" deal as an opportunity to meet nice girls. So he kept continually pestering us to introduce him to a nice JW girl that he could marry. He was starting to get on my nerves, when my neighbours fortunately helped and took him for a big walk around the town, until we relax a bit My MIL even suggested a girl from our congregation, she was a poor orphan struggling to make a living, and this would be a nice opportunity for her. We said no way, we're not pimps, and will most certainly not push a nice girl to that guy's arms.

    That was our first and last time we ever offered our home to delegates. Anyone else wants to share his experience?

  • ssn587

    We offered ours at one time, and we had an older lady, she was very very nice and even stayed on with us for a month after the convention going out in service and was such a help around the house, cooked, ironed constantly cleaned, she was a pleasure to have, we had her back the following year and she had another sister with her from Oregon who happened to be in the area when the Dc was on, She too was a pleasure to have around, they wanted to do all the household chores but we said no, the children have their assigned jobs and we want them to still do it. They were excellent cooks and again both stayed for about 6 weeks after the Dc. We kept in touch with them, and still see the lady from oregon once in awhile.

    Sou our experience was good with that arrangement.

  • blondie

    teel, I'm surprised a bible student is allowed to participate in the "special needs" lodging arrangement. Was he an unbaptized publisher as well? Also I'm "surprised" that the holy spirit did not direct the elders to know that man's true intent and that he had kept it a secret but then told you. He probably was asking about women in the congregation he came from. Did you report him to the elders there?

    *** km 12/08 p. 5 par. 6 2009 District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***SpecialNeeds:When a publisher requests assistance in obtaining accommodations, the Congregation Service Committee should determine if the publisher qualifies to submit a SpecialNeedsRoomRequest form. They should review the guidelines on the form and in the December 14, 2008, letter addressed to all bodies of elders before the congregation secretary sends the form to the Rooming Department.

    *** km 12/05 p. 4 par. 8 2006 “Deliverance at Hand” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***Special Needs Room Request forms are available only for publishers whose accommodation needs cannot be cared for by family members or by their congregation.

    *** km 12/03 p. 3 par. 5 2004 “Walk With God” District Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***If a Special Needs Room Request form is submitted by a publisher, the Congregation Service Committee will review it, using the guidelines on the form. They should consider whether the need can be cared for locally. This provision is only for publishers in good standing, along with their well-behaved children

  • teel

    I think my experience was before '03, maybe in 2002 or 2001. Although the guidelines might have been published / distributed to elders before that too.

    I think he wasn't even a publisher, just a bible-study. I was around the lodging committee when he got assigned to us, and it seemed to me they were just hurrying to finish stuff so they can go home; this guy came at the end of the first day, the committee saw us there and quickly said 'There you are, go with them. Now let's go eat' They're only humans too... what can you do?

    I didn't report him, I didn't want to cause problems, he wasn't really a bad guy (at his departure he actually wanted to pay us at hotel price), just not really 'spiritual' (and not my style either). Who am I to judge?

  • blondie

    Well, they had the responsibility to make sure you were safe. I know in the past 60's, 70's, 80's, they weren't as careful and I know jws that were ripped off and of course the elders took no responsibility. Those people stopped "volunteering" their homes. I also wonder if they would assign a known (to them only) pedophile to a home. I remember a married couple gave a room to a single DO and all he did was complain about their accommodations. BTW, they weren't required to have the husband there when it was the wife and DO home alone.........

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