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by PYRAMIDSCHEME 2 Replies latest jw friends


    What are some good books on the history of the adventist movements of the 19th century? Stuff on the great disappointment, William Miller, George Storrs and company. Even some on the second great awakening would be nice too.


    I guess I should add also what are some good "secular" Books/sources to help prove that 607 is not the correct date of Jerusalem's destruction as well?

  • brotherdan

    I would also like some recommendations. I've been watching the new JW DVD and their whirlwind tour of early Christianity is filled with misrepresentations as to some of the beliefs of some early Catholic and Protastant men. It's obvious that they are trying to link history up to Russell. I must say that they do a good job in their presentation! The way they trace anti trinitarianism all the way to George Storrs and then link him to Russell was pretty clever. It made me realize that I need to learn more about early christianity and the early church. I'm not as proficient in it as I would like to be.

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