Bible Contradictions Wake Up

by DubR 0 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • DubR

    Yo all. Last time i was on this site was 6 months ago. I was very bitter at all religion back then but now its all kind of a big inside joke. So i decided to point out some hilarious contradictions in the bible to show all this stuff was made up a long time ago by uneducated pervy guys! Zachariah 14:1-2 Ole Jehovah is gathering all nations against jerusalem and assisting in plunder and RAPE. Deauteronomy 22:28-29 Loving Jehovah commands RAPE victims to marry their attackers (thats just). Genesis 6:5 All knowing decides to wipe men off via global flood because mans inclination of thoughts in his heart was bad. But in Genesis 8:21 he decides to never do it again because lol mans inclination of thoughts in his heart are bad (whata smart God)! Genesis 6:19-20 two pair of clean animals are commanded to go in the ark.. No wait Genesis 7:2 seven pair are going in the ark. Matthew 27:5 Judus threw 30 pieces into the temple and hanged himself.. Acts 1:18 he bought a field with blood money and fell and burst. lol

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