This guy used to be a JW...He wrote this while he was at Bethel and sang it to the GB

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    Huh? Couldn't play the video, said my country had blocked it or Read the Wiki article, but didn't see anything about him being a witness. Was he?

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    I think we've been Rickrolled!

  • Lozhasleft

    Lol I saw Rick Astley perform this live in April....ha ha

    Loz x

  • wantstoleave

    I'm so gullible lol!

  • EndofMysteries

    now if only somebody could swap the kingdom melodies w/ a rickroll cd during the district convention for the closing song on Sunday

  • donny

    now if only somebody could swap the kingdom melodies w/ a rickroll cd during the district convention for the closing song on Sunday

    Something similar happened to me at the Kingdom Hall .

    Back around 1986 I was the ministerial servant in charge of running the sound board in the Kingdom Hall for our congregation. We were the last ones to meet in the hall on weekdays (Friday) and the first ones to meet on Sunday. This was a convenient arrangement since my then-wife was always running chronically late and we often arrived minutes before the meetings began. As a result, I got in the habit on Fridays of looking up in the Watchtower the song that would be used on Sunday mornings and placing the said cassette in the machine and cueing it up. That way all I had to do was turn on the machine and press play. As time went on I got pretty good at this process and it saved me from trying to locate the cassette at the last minute when we arrived just as the meeting was about to begin. But alas, all good things must come to an end. One Friday I had placed the Sunday morning song cassette as I had been doing for some time, but unbeknowst to me, some Witnesses from another congregtion that used the same Hall came in on Saturday to clean it I guess one of them decided to to listen to music over the sound system while they cleaned but forgot to take their cassette out when they were done. Sunday morning we were running late again and we arrived about a minute before the meeting was to start. I rushed to the sound booth and got seated just as the Presiding Elder was about to begin the Watchtower study. I cued his micorphone and he welcomed everyone to the meeting of the Farmers Branch congregation and said "Let's all stand and sing song number 62. Song # 62." I immediately pressed the play button on the cassette and out poured a pumping beat and the words "Rock Me Amadeus, Amadeas! Rock Me Amadeus, Amadeas!" You could have heard a pin drop as I stopped the cassette and the only thing that broke the ice was the elder quipping "I said song # 62 Brother Reed, thats #87 which is next weeks song." Needless to say, I always checked from then on before hitting the play button.

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