The BEST way to deal with maybe even get them to 'think'

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  • EndofMysteries

    Those who leave because of conscious, want to serve God and see how so many things going against the scriptures vs lost faith in everything and not gonna bother trying to figure out what to do. ( I say this because those of the 2nd group, won't ever get w/ anyone who are 100% convinced in the truth and mental blocks are way up, any who don't believe anything, what they have to say is not even worth considering to them )

    I truly am for conscience reasons, and am experiencing an enlightenment that I can't even describe or try to teach, one must just go through it to understand. Aside from that though, truth is truth, some may not feel they are getting that, but again feel they are sinning against God by remaining. You'll have main types of elders you may be dealing with. SOme who are 'in their own mind' sincerely wanting to help you and care about you, and then some who prob just want you out and think your a bad dangerous person. For BOTH of them, being sincere and not answering questions, but 'ASKING' questions, and make sure you have done research 'prior' to this.

    For example......

    If they ask a question, Do you believe in the faithful and discreet slave? (first start off that you want to make sure everything is going by the bible, and you don't want to misunderstand, so to use scriptures w/ each question. You'll be brought to the Matthew account. (now if you believe in the bible, you can say you believe in the scripture, and also found it interesting that in Luke, there is more then just the evil slave, there are 2 other types as well)

    When they ask do you believe the governing body is the faithful slave or that it's part of the WT Org. ASK THEM FOR CLARIFICATION! After their answer, which will prob be beating around the bush, Say....Well first of all, I'm a little confused on what 'we are supposed to believe' since (IF YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH YOU MAY HAVE SOME ARTICLES) Say your confused on the difference between the annointed and the GB in regards to the faithful slave. Some articles and literature say that the faithful slave is all annointed ones and the GB is just the head spokesman. (if that's the case, does that mean ALL annointed get spiritual insight that nobody else knows, they just wait for GB to release it - Yet some WT articles say annointed don't get anything apart from other sheep) OR is there someplace in bible which teaches that GB themselves get special insight, EVEN THOUGH THEY DENY IT IN SOME ARTICLES.

    (At this point, they will become very confused, because they will realize they are not sure of what the teaching and 'current' understanding is supposed to be, and may try to leave this topic.

    Anyway, if you do it right, those who are sincere, may start to wake them up a bit, they may feel extremely guilty disfellowshipping someone who is not wanting to go to the world, who is trying to be super sincere and who's conscious is really bothered by things. (since everyone is taught apostates just want excuse to lead worldly lifestyles ) AND those who are not sincere, who just want to kick you out, will also end up w/ a bothered conscious.

    Anyway......This is just an outline or example of how to make your goodbye meeting or if you may be dfed for apostate, to maybe wake some up, and not just play their game and let everyone be at peace thinking you were a bad person.

    No offense to those who this won't apply to, I'm just being upfront in JW's eyes and saying it how it is, (since they are told what those who leave end up doing). Since they categorize everyone DFed as the same, when there are many many different reasons they do that. (It cant' be distinquished, because then the doctrine wouldn't hold, since it's based on only a few offenses where the person has no intention of changing)

  • BANE

    We are told what those who leave end up doing....And the GB is RIGHT! I am living proof as to what goes on. Mockings, insults, calling me a dog etc. Not even believing the bible anymore. I can attest to it all.

    Many here even use the bible to TRY and put down the organization all the while not doing ANYTHING spirtual. I can show them all this.

    But in good conscience I would never direct anyone to this site. I would never want anyone of my brothers to stumble at the crap here.

  • Lozhasleft

    Ah that's ok then Bane ...I bet we all feel a lot happier now that you have it all in hand.....

    Loz x

  • teel

    Bane I think you may have some masochistic tendencies. This is not mockery of you, but it's the only honest explanation I can give. You clearly hate this site, yet keep coming back. Usually apologists either think that this site has some redeeming qualities, and think that with some they can argue and maybe even "bring back to light" (AIW comes in mind, or for older posters, Angel Eyes), or if they only see hatred and mockings, they leave immediately. Yet you seem to do none...

    An other explanation that just came to my mind would be that maybe you live in a zone where the preaching work goes excellent, and you see no persecution. But because there must be persecution, you come here for your daily dose.

  • Mythbuster

    I'm sure the other JWs will thank you for your sacrifice Bane.

  • isaacaustin

    Bane, do you get your sensual pleasures to this site? I mean that question in all seriousness. You are one sick due- in the same way people like Buny, Dahmer and Gacy.

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