Something I never really knew about the Catholic church... (not exactly work safe) - language

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    The above is rot13, so if you really want to look, then go here:

    copy the above, translate and see for yourself...

    I thought it was funny, if not exactly appropriate, so as to obfuscate the whole thing so only someone who was warned in advance and was DETERMINED to look would look.

    If you get offended now, it's all on you.


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    If you can't figure how to work it, you just might be a Catholic...

    How can you tell an extrovert from an introvert at the NSA ? 

    Va gur ryringbef, gur rkgebireg ybbxf ng gur BGURE thl'f fubrf.
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    W/o looking, I'm going to guess this is the "documentary" about the gentleman who goes in search of what his Catholic faith is really about?

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    Did you know that seven of nine is why Obama is president?

    "When Jack Ryan's campaign for an open United States Senate seat in Illinois began in 2003, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV, the local ABC affiliate, sought to have his records released. Both Jeri and Jack agreed to make their divorce records public, but not the custody records, claiming that their release could be harmful to their son.

    On June 22, 2004, Los Angeles Superior CourtJudge Robert Schnider agreed to release the custody files. The decision generated much controversy because it went against both parents' direct request and because it generally reversed the early decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. It was revealed that six years previously, Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as "a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling." [ 13 ] Jack Ryan denied these allegations. Although Jeri Ryan refused to comment on the matter during the campaign, the document disclosure led Jack Ryan to withdraw his candidacy, clearing the way for Barack Obama to win the seat."

    ... and now you know the REST of the story.

    Of course it all goes back to Gene Roddenberry, the man who made Star Trek, who also broke ground by showing the first interracial kiss on TV. Kindof cool when you think about it.

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    GB, back off on the meds, man.

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