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  • dgp

    Some of you have said you were surprised to know how little "the world" knows about the Watchtower (http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/bible/195783/2/Were-you-suprised-at-how-little-the-world-knows-about-JWs)

    .I have the opposite question now. What would JW's feel if they came across someone who knows a lot more than he is supposed to know? Like, the dirty laundry, for example?

  • Heartbreaker

    They'd immediate cry APOSTATE!

    Jw's are trained to find innocent unknowing people to teach them THEIR truth. If the person knows too much, asks too many questions in a tone that is meant to bring defense of their "truth", or is just too knowledgeable, then they will back away. Giving the excuse that the person obviously knows too much, or is friends with an apostate or something. Some would even use the excuse that Satan is leading this person, and never return to talk to them.

    Despite saying they are looking for a bible discussion, they want NOTHING of the sort.

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