why is there equal op when it comes to the annointed?

by voodoo lady 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • voodoo lady
    voodoo lady

    And yet the governing body is a boys club (in fact, the entire organisation is a boys club).

    Does the "holy spirit" discriminate against the female body? If so, how can a woman profess to "know" to take the emblems? Yet, if the holy spirit directs them just the same, why can't an annointed woman take her place amongst the elderly eight?

    (Besides the fact that it would upset their whole heirarchy and open the door for women to be treated with respect)

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    That and also a lack of balanced, impartial representation from "all tribes, peoples and tongues"

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I don't know of any WT article that says they couldn't be GB.

    They couldn't give a talk without a hat.

    I doubt it will ever happen. It's a boy's club.

    You never know though. They might open up and let mAlice in Wonderbra in if she rubs herself on the right legs.



  • cyberjesus

    Isnt that the best promotion ever? To be part of the Gb you need to put over 30 years or more serving his highness Jehovah in full time service. you have to work hard to become first ministerial servant, you have to be humilliated by all the elders and given lots of nasty assignments endure them to become an elder then you must work really really hard and either become a CO or go to Bethel. and serve as such at least 20 years. and then there are only 8 out of 7 million. so the possibilities are very very small. then when you die you get to be a brother of Mr Jesus himself.

    If you are annointed and you are a girl. all you have to do is die. and schazam! you are there. A brother of the King, yeah you are gonna loose all your considerations you had when you were in earth. which means that in heaven if there are not enough chairs you get to stand up like everybody else.

  • cyberjesus

    oh I like your avatar, makes me..... mmmm.... hungry

  • voodoo lady
    voodoo lady

    Cyberjesus, she's an album cover! (Actually she's the back of an album cover - and I cropped her a bit.)

    Interesting thoughts! There's no literature anyone knows of to specify that the GB be exclusively male? It's just presumed and constantly perpetuated? And does a woman of the annointed still need to wear whatever she can find on her head to pray in the presence of men (annointed or otherwise)?

    You're so right SM - it's the Caucasian boy's club (with token African American)

  • blondie

    Actually, there was no "governing body" in the first century; the word is not even in the bible. I'm glad that no women are responsible for the crap the WT spews out.

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