I finally had witnesses knock on my door!!!!!

by myownlife 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • myownlife

    I keep missing them I guess.....but had a father/daughter tag team come to my door an hour ago. I loved it when I asked them about the 'new light' and why that keeps happening when the Bible has stayed the same...you could hear crickets....I also asked about the disfellowshipping/shunning thing and they said something about discipline...WHATEVER!

    It's incredible that I was once one of them and was SO enthusiastic about the borg! I really felt sorry for them....today is really hot.....

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    That was a big step in your new life. Sounds like you handled it well.

    Think About It

  • laverite

    Myownlife- Great job! You never know, someone you talk to might start thinking someday!

  • myownlife

    Think About It.....thanks so much!

    Laverite....I hope so! They couldn't refute anything and I could see some wheels turning.

    I think I inspired my daughter....she wants to talk to them next time! Think I created a monster!!

  • Lozhasleft

    Well done to you

    Loz x

  • Scott77


    God job and well done.

  • moshe

    The JW's love using their kids to help disarm the public. I mean, who wants to argue with them when kids are around? I have seen JW's with kids sitting in the back seat of a car doing their homeschool work while the moms are knocking on doors- they don't see it as child abuse, but it's really child misuse at the minimum. Engaging a JW in a talk about their feelings is really good, as they are all primed to debate Bible scriptures and false doctrines of christendom- not negative feelings about their religion they have buried. A lady "got me" by just asking me if I was happpy as a JW, after I said yes, she relied, "you need to stop lying"- she saw it in my face- the hesitation in my voice, I guess. I was bummed for the rest of the day. Good job m-o-l.

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