Non-profit law changes in New Zealand - anyone know what happened?

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  • 10p

    I'm in aussie now - but I remember a little while ago the gov in NZ changed the rules for non-profits. I saw a programme on TV the other night that said the Scientologists reported income dropped from multi-millions to about 300k after the change.

    I wondered if anyone knew what happened to the Watch Tower society's reported income after the law change?

  • wantstoleave

    I've no idea what their income is to start with. Far as I know, everything is still 'donation' only right?

  • Mattieu

    Hi 10p,

    I saw the same show on TV the other night too.. With all the pressure on the Government to bring to account cults/sects like JW who hide under the non-profit umbrella, it wont be too long before the tiget gets its teeth. An interesting point was made on that programme was that these cults would have to show what charity work they are involved with in the local community - get ready for the big speel on the public teaching work being carried out zealously by jw's......

    As for NZ, maybe Black Sheep would know.....

    Cheers, Mattieu

  • ssn587

    We here in the U.S. definitely need our non-profit laws redone, cults like the WTBTS should be paying their fair share of taxes just like the rest of us. They have been nothing but parasites on the American Tax Payer. In fact, I believe all relgions should unless, there is verifiable proof of exceptional charity work for all in the community. And the WTBTS doesn't do charity work for the community in general and very selective charity work for dubs effected by Katrina like devastations.

    I say tax em all, property, income and any other tax that can be foisted off on them. It's about time they quit being parasites and pay up like everyone else.

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