summer fare

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  • chickpea

    i don't get to attend the local july 4th
    picnic due to circumstances, so this evening
    was my chance to have some wonderful
    summer-time food....

    unbelievably tender fall-off-the-bone
    baby back ribs, potato salad and a
    fresh spinach salad, and tooth-crackin'
    cold honey weiss beer....

    what are y'all having this summer
    that make ya want to go YUM?

  • ShirleyW

    In New York we're expecting hot and humid weather all this week, so would you please share the brand name of that beer you're talking about ?!?!

  • chickpea

    not sure you will find it in NY

    leinenkugel's brewery in chippewa falls wisconsin
    aka leinies!!!!

  • beksbks

    Girl! Come over to the "Dinner at the Proper Time" thread. It's really just a food thread, to give those of us that cook every night ideas.

    Your fare sounds

  • ShirleyW

    If that's a Polish name, then I do know of a place on the LowerEast Side where I can probably find it.

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