My dad the elder is 90 and the brothers left him in charge!

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  • Champion

    So I call my dad, who lives in FL and I live in CT, to see how he is doing. He sounds exhausted. I ask what's up, he informs me the brothers went on a vacation together and left him to open the hall, give a talk, etc..My dad is 90!!! So he has to DRIVE to the hall and take care of all the business. Now this is not for a day but 1 WEEK!!!!!I am literally afraid it's going to kill him. They are just such losers.

  • Gayle

    Do you know these other elders? Send a letter to the WT headquarters to site possible abuse of the elderly via your lawyer to investigate?

  • wasblind

    ahhh the love

  • Bangalore

    Maybe he should delegate the task of giving the talk to you. You can include stuff like Ray Franz,Pyramids, UN NGO etc in your talk. Will not be a standard talk for sure.


  • designs

    Bad businessmen, didn't these guys ever hear of delegating assignments and using assistants.

  • dozy

    Don't forget this is a religion that gets 90 & even 100 year old men to run the whole show , so no surprise there.

    Re designs comments , the problem in numerous congregations is that there just aren't the younger ones "reaching out". They are either too lazy or are 2nd / 3rd gen JWs who have seen the hassle that their fathers took & want no part of it.

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