Was Pastor Russell an apostate?

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  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Pastor Russell believed that the "nominal church" was "God's mouthpiece" "God's recognized channel of truth" In 1881 in the Watchtower he explained how he and others (maybe some of the 1st half of the overlapping generation) felt "at liberty to call God's children out of the nominal churches to a position of freedom and liberty" Based on the 2nd presence of Christ.

    JW's know that the 2nd presence did not start in 1874. Those who thought it were mistaken. Like some of those same people who saw the fullfillment of Matthew 24:30 for many years only to realize again they were mistaken in the belief. The same ones (overlapping generation) who have clearly seen the composite sign now.

    As God clearly hadn't rejected the "nominal church" because of there non acceptance of the 1874 seconding coming teaching? Do you think at that time lets say 1913 Pastor Russell was really an apostate?

  • designs

    Many Associated Bible Students and most Jehovah's Witnesses accept progressive revelation. JWs don't view Russell as an apostate because of that belief.

    And really as an xJW aren't ideas like 'apostate' and 'heresy' just kind of silly and old school.

  • wobble

    He certainly was an apostate from the Church of his youth, rejecting many of their doctrines.

    He would be considered an apostate today for the beliefs he held until his death , if he expressed them to the WT Corp. of today.

    I wonder if the JW/WT org. will move away from claiming any connection to him in the future, he is from today's perspective, nothing but an embarrassment.

  • designs


    That is just the point, Russelll is not considered an apostate by JWs because they believe in progressive revelation.

    Now a Presbyterian may consider him apostate since he left that belief as a young man, but really isn't the whole notion of apostacy kind of silly as we move on.

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    I agree with you,

    Having been in error with his teachings. It does seem strange how JW's could label anyone as an apostate.

  • AGuest

    I would think that calling him "Pastor" anything, dear Finger (may you have peace!), would suggest that he was, per their teachings. I mean, well, I'm just sayin'...


    A slave of Christ,


  • agonus

    Well, DUH...

    Was Jesus an apostate?

    What do you think the Pharisees would have said?

  • agonus

    What about Wycliffe? Luther? Newton?

  • agonus

    I think it's deliciously ironic that the WT uses the most notorious "apostates" (for their time) to support their theology...

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