Followup on the JW woman who killed/cannibalized her baby...

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  • brizzzy

    ...They made a ruling of insanity today and are committing her to a mental institution (not surprising).

    The above article doesn't mention that she's a JW, but it was mentioned by numerous other numerous outlets when the baby was first killed. So tragic :`(

  • serenitynow!

    I thought she was just a study.

  • brizzzy

    A bunch of articles said that she and her mom were both devout JWs, and that neighbors said they witnessed door-to-door...perhaps she was an unbaptized publisher?

  • WTWizard

    Don't the witlesses downplay incidents like this? Claim the person was just a study, inactive, disfellowshipped, or barely active. That protects the witless organization from shame and reproach, when in fact the person was "strong in the Truth TM at the time of the incident.

    I believe sxxx like this is going to become more common in the witless religion. The more they preach from prisons and mental institutions, the more people prone to eating babies (and molesting children with the view of ruining their lives) are going in, and the more this is going to happen. The more they devalue the present life, the more likely they are to kill (and then eat) their babies to give them a free pass to the New Dark Ages. The more they threaten children with death and destruction, keep them from a normal life, and stress pio-sneering, the more they are going to develop this kind of problems and then kill (and eat) their babies.

    However, to put it in prospective, that was just one incident (one too many, and if they play it down instead of owning up to it, all the more embarrassing for them). There are more than 25,000 known pedophiles in the religion, or about one per 2 congregations. They hide that problem, making it an embarrassment to be a witless. If they start harboring baby-eaters and hiding that problem, that will make them even more embarrassing.

    At least the Catholic church doesn't hide baby eaters.

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