Did you really pay attention at conventions or assemblies?

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  • donny

    A co-worker of mine whose family (2 daughters, wife) are JW's related a funny story yesterday. His wife and daughters missed the Friday portion of the convention last week in order to attend a wedding of a worldly relative. At dinner she mentioned to him that she would go to the convention this Friday to make up for the one she missed.

    He then asked why and she said so she could get the information she missed. He then asked her what important thing did she remember from Saturday and Sunday that really made an impression on her. She replied that the drama was good and when he pressed for something significant other than the drama, she admitted that she couldn't remember anything as really standing out.

    After a little more playful prodding she finally admitted that it was more about making up the lost time then it was about the actual program. It was a matter of "giving back to Jehovah" what was taken from him the previous week.

    I told him that was my experiences while I was in the organization. It was more about being seen there than it was about the talks,

    How about you?

  • NeonMadman

    I used to pay attention and take notes, even when I was having doubts about the org. I kept hoping for some "new light" that would lift some of the legalism and clear up the inconsistencies. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer.

  • ssn587

    I would take notes only for the reason to remember stuff to ask the elders about. like just where in the scriptures did it show that Timothy's dad wanted him to attend a higher learning school (or whatever they call it) instead of grabbing his scrolls and going door to door. That got to them real good, and the two I asked himmmed and hawwwed and couldn't answer. Well what about his friend who did go to school and then supposedly regretted it?

    I then asked them why are they the society promoting falsehood and trying to pass it off as bible truth in the Dramas. They said i wasn't spiritual enough to understand, and i just laughed at them and told them they were being ridclous. You can't answer it because it is all made up, no truth in it which is really surprising because aren't Jehovah Witnesses supposed to be the religion of truth?

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