retired - had it with the new united states of tax and spend............ here's the solution

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  • DaCheech
  • BurnTheShips

    Lots of good places in Latin America, and I don't have to worry about learning a new language.

    I'm surprised Costa Rica didn't get a mention.


  • JWoods

    In a miniature of this, the governor of New Jersey said his state has lost about 70 billion dollars of wealth from citizens with money leaving the state (moving to other states with lower taxes) over N.J. having the highest tax rates in the U.S.

    He wants to minimize spending, lower taxes, and attract external business and investment to come back in.

    The N.J. government employee unions are furious about his plan and want yet more public money.

  • DaCheech

    jwoods don't blame the regular public employees making $10-18 an/hour

    blame the cops, principals making $100-180k a year

  • DaCheech

    if all retired people would move to central america and bring their measly social security pension there, our goverment would wake up

  • DaCheech

    my mom (senior) could not afford to get her teeth done in the states.

    she took a 4 month vacation to costa rica, the vacation, stay and teeth cost her $4,000 us

  • beksbks

    But when will the populace wake up?

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