Any Vancouver-ites out there?

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  • BurnTheShips

    I'll be spending the better part of a week in Vancouver, BC later this month.

    I hear it is a beautiful, amazing city.

    The Indian food is supposed to be superb.

    I hope to find the time to see some sights and take some of the city in.

    What would you recommend to see and do for a first time visitor?


  • Soldier77

    If you're there, take a drive or a trip to Victoria, that city is nearby and really cool.

  • BurnTheShips

    So I've heard.




    China Town and Gas Town are very close together in Vancouver..

    Within walking distance of each other..

    You can spend the entire day there,exploreing unusual stores and eating some really good food..

    Have fun Bud!!..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • BurnTheShips

    Still don't know where I'll be staying, this will affect where I get to go in the evenings. Fortunately, I've got long summer days this time of year.


  • joeblow

    Vancouver is one of the nicest cities I've ever been to (and lived in).... and I've been to a lot (in Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia :-P ) It has great night life, really nice beaches, great shopping (if you're into that) and amazing food from all over the world.

    See and do?Oh man, where do you start?

    • As Outlaw said, Chinatown and Gastown (with at least The Bourbon, and Cambie for pubs, and Shine if you're into clubbing)
    • Stanley Park is great for a morning jog or rollerblading around the seawall
    • Kayaking in the inlets
    • Fishing in the Frasier and Coquihala rivers
    • The suspension (foot) bridge at Lynn Canyon (or the one at Capilano, but the Capilano bridge costs money)
    • If your timing is right you might be able to catch the Fireworks festival which is really quite amazing.. especially if you can find your way onto one of the dinner cruise boats that putter around the harbor for the fireworks show
    • Granville Island is really nice with loads of unusual shopping artsy things to see and do
    • Davie, Robson and Denman street for walking and shopping
    • Bard on the Beach (open air Shakespeare plays) which is usually in July or August.. no idea when it is on this year
    • Kitsilano and Jericho beach (or the nude beaches nearby)
    • Grouse mountain - you can either do the Grouse Grind and walk up, or take a tram

    The list could go on and on and on....

  • Kinjiro

    My wife and I were there last September before our Alaskan Cruise so we ony were ther 2 days... Dont miss Stanley Park... best way to see it is rent a bike and follow the 'wall trail', it is certainly beautiful.. there is an aquarium in there, small but very nice...

    Grouse Mountain has breathtaking views... and Granville Island is fun... didn't have time to go to Victoria which everyone raves about...

    Have a very nice trip!

    PD Be careful around Chinatown and areas nearby... some 'unsavory' characters roaming around... also if you rent a car dont leave things visible around Stanley Park since there have been reports of broken windows and stolen items... I guess this goes for everywhere but I thought you should know...

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