I worry about blood!

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  • laverite

    No, I'm not worried about having a blood transfusion. I worry about me and my children NOT getting life saving treatment should there ever be an accident as all next of kin are JWs.

    As a DA'd single/only parent, I worry if I am ever taken out of commission in an accident, and my children (or I) need medical care, that my JW family (they're all JWs!!!) might try to prevent that. In fact, I'm sure they would try to prevent life saving medical care should it be required.

    What legal steps have you all taken to prevent something like that? Putting a letter in your primary doctor's file? Carry a card?

    Seriously, we should have a card for our wallets to protect us FROM the WTBTS. Perhaps it could read something like "Danger! Danger! JW Family. DO NOT let them make medical decisions. Blood transfusions PLEASE!!!"

    Has anyone done this or taken other medical precautions to protect themselves from JW family/WTBTS insanity???!!!

    Maybe this sounds nutty to some of you, but I honestly do want to find ways to protect my family from the bOrg. You never know what might happen!

  • AudeSapere

    Did you read my comment on someone else's thread from earlier today??~! I mentioned the thought of a 'Yes, Blood!' card in exchange of the old NoBlood Card.

    To protect yourself and your children, complete an Advance Medical Directive and make several copies. Do this BEFORE an emergency arises.

    Then talk to your physicians and give them copies. Consider filing a copy with your local hospital (if this is possible). I would further consider making a card for your wallet stating something to the effect that you have family members who may try to dictate treatment in opposition to your own wishes. On that card also include the name and phone number of your physician(s) who you requested keep a copy of the AMD.

    Also, designate a non-jw friend to be your healthcare agent - the person who can make decisions for you if you are unconscious. List their name on the card and AMD as well.

    I can't stress enough the importance of doing this BEFORE an emergency arises. I had a minor incident that could have had tragic consequences from both a blood-loss situation AND an inopportune surprise visit from an elder that I did not know asking uncomfortable questions in my hospital room.

    Better safe than sorry. Stick a note in an obvious place in your wallet - now.


  • laverite

    Hi AudeSapere,

    This is really weird. I did not read your comments on this. (Kinda spooked here now). Your reply is extremely helpful. I am going to do all of this right away.

    Thanks so much.


  • garyneal


    I started the thread Aude spoke of today. Unbelieving spouses have to consider what needs to be done in case this emergency should arise.


  • laverite

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you so much for sharing this link to your thread. I’ve read all of the posts in there now. It’s a really great thread. I think everyone with JW family should read it. I feel embarrassed about starting this thread now. I don’t know how I missed yours. So sorry. And again, thanks for your extremely important thread.

  • brizzzy

    Thanks for the info. I want to get one of these directives for myself. My entire family are JWs, and would refuse blood if I were unconscious and unable to express my own wishes.

    In fact, both my little sister and I were snatched from the hospital due to blood-related issues when we were infants. I was merely a bit jaundiced (and the condition resolved itself without the need for the blood transfusion that they recommended, luckily). But my sister required open-heart surgery when she was born, and at the time bloodless open-heart surgery simply wasn't available for infants. The first hospital that she was at was preparing to force a blood transfusion, and my mom and the elders basically kidnapped my sister from the hospital and flew her to Texas, where Denton Cooley performed the surgeries on her without blood. If what my mom says is correct, she was something like the second or third infant in the U.S. ever to have the procedure performed without blood. It was highly experimental, and she nearly died in the meantime.

    Now, of course, my zealot JW sister is "sooooo grateful" to Dr. Cooley, and even wrote him a letter and visited him a couple of years ago to thank him in person. But there would have been so much less risk if the first hospital could have simply performed her two surgeries with blood, and no need for all of the histrionics and kidnapping bullshit.

  • Podobear

    Laverite: I am not entirely sure of your location on the planet. Here in the UK the Mental Health Act August 2008 reviewed the rights of Health Practioners like myself.

    It was discussed at our Medical Conference in Bournemouth in November of the same year. One of the cases discussed was that of a female JW from Telford Shropshire who died post partum, had gone into coma but carried a card, a "living will" expressly forbidding the use of blood. The case was publicized widely here. The Surgeons could do nothing under UK law to override that.

    HOWEVER, UK law now provided that Medics., like myself, can make professional judgment if we feel that a patient is not of sound mind.. and we will be backed in court should the case in question be brought there. This is a complete turn around.. it is up to the individual to carry and express their consent now, when they are of "sound mind".. I think you will find that this is what precipitated the WT action with members of their congregations.

    The UK is now gravitating towards cards that expressly forbid the use of donor organs.. and I believe it will shortly be the case that we will be given the right to use body parts in vital surgery unless it is the "living Will" of the patient that this is expressly forbidden.

    This is not just a JW issue. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Podo

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