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  • ssn587

    My brother has been married over 30 years, is drawing ssn disability, va disability and military retirement, he is wondering what his spouse my SIL would be entitled to if they were to get a divorce. Guess things aren't all that rosy for him and he has been very unhappy for a number of years. His wife doesn't want anything to do with us, doesn't like us and never has. When they visited (2 times) she was pushing him to leave before they had been here with us for even a day. So i want to find out for him. he lives in southeastern Texas. Anyone with any knowlledge on this issue please to let me know so that I can pass it own. He can't ask anyone, he has to email me, he is almost totally deaf and real handicappedand unable to ask for himself.

  • DaCheech

    i'm curious too

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    it's state to state. divorced in WV so i know here it is 50/50 marital assets. of course my ex kept 100% creap. google Texas divorce laws. the states are all different

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