What is a pagan to do?

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  • littlebird

    I have a pagan friend who came over the other day. She wanted her daughter (who is 8) to tell me about this night mare she had. Demons were holding her down trying to put a needle in her arm from a cup of blood. This little girl is also saying the demons are making her lie.

    As a christian, and with her mothers permission, I told her that she can pray to Jesus and the demons wont hurt her. She has nothing to worry about.I also told her that demons cant make her lie, if she lies, its her doing it herself.

    My question for you all, is this. What can she do to protect her daughter from the kids grandmother? The mom has custody, but the dad, who isn't a witness, has her on sundays. Which of course, granny takes her to meetings. What suggestions do you guys have. Oh, they are also telling her that mommy is going to be destroyed in armegedon. To that I told her (Mom) to tell them that comments like that teach her daughter disrespectful things about her mother and that needs to stop immediately.

    Thanks gang

  • yknot

    Education never fails.......

    If she can learn mommy is 'birdfood', she can learn that Granny is in a doomsday cult.

    Of course it should be tailored to her age appropriate discernment.....

    Perhaps explain what an interpretation is , give examples of granny's, moms, dads, and any others of personal significance. Show the differences, show that the WTS isn't alone if opining on subject matter and that just because they have an opinion doesn't make it true

  • ziddina

    "Pagan"??? How archaic... It would be much more accurate to call her a "Neo-PolyTheist"... Or at the very least, a "heathen"...

    Besides, she doesn't sound like much of a "heathen", to me... Doesn't even know about smudging, using a circle of salt, a circle of "white light", or mint, or marigolds, or ANYTHING!!!

    As for possible custody issues, she's going to have some trouble with the courts if they can show that her so-called "paganism" is causing the child to have nightmares...

    O - Kay... As a practicing Neo-PolyTheist, with a limited amount of research at this point in time, here's what I'd do if I were in her shoes...

    I'd take the child out into the sunrise - or early in the morning - most mornings, and show her how beautiful our Mother Earth is. I'd tell her how much the Mother Earth loves her, because She gives food for the little girl to eat, fibers for clothes for her to wear, and wood, stone and metals so she can live in a safe, warm home and have a car to drive around in.

    I'd emphasize how important it is to take good care of Mother Earth, too. Either before the Sunday custody session, after it, or both, I'd take the little girl out and I would SET A GOOD EXAMPLE for her, by cleaning up an area of earth - the greenbelt in the neighborhood, a park, an area of streamside, a woodlands, and so on... I'd be recycling, using my bicycle, riding the bus, or walking for short, small errands, and so on...

    I'd talk to the little girl about the various ways in which Mother Earth's children hide and disguise themselves to protect themselves from predators. [This addresses the issue of lying...] I'd point out that these animals create false appearances ONLY when threatened with DEATH. Otherwise, these animals MUST be honest with their fellow species members. [Let's not get into the vagaries of the mating dances, at this point....] I'd point out to her that, in general, lying is like being false to the Mother Earth, because people who consistently lie, start out by lying to themselves.

    Sounds like the mother needs to get her head on straight as to exactly what a so-called "Pagan" consists of...


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    There is no reason to beat around the bush. Her mom should tell the kid her grandmother is in a doomsday cult with all sorts of crazy and untrue beliefs.

    Perhaps address the demon issue by telling the child that demons can only exist if you believe in them; they're like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The very act of disbelief renders them impotent. It won't be an instant cure but as the child leaves behind belief in fictional characters, she will leave behind belief in demons, as well.

    Also, she needs to know that all people have scary and strange dreams, even grownups, and none of them are real. They are a way for the mind to process through some of the input it received recently, nothing more.

    I realize she's only 8 but if she's a sharp kid none of this should be over her head.

  • littlebird

    All Good advice, I'll print and pass it on. Well maybe not. I'll highlight and copy.

    Zid, she's calls herself a pagan, but a wiccan. A suppose a wiccan would know should know about smudging. Personally, Im not up on that stuff, so forgive me if I came off offensive. She came to me because I'm an ex jw and knows I know the crap they teach.

  • ziddina

    No, no, no, Little Bird, not offensive at all - and I'm sorry if I sounded a bit 'snooty', but I've been stuck for the longest time as to what - properly - to call myself... Then I saw a series of videos made by an authentic Greek Polytheist - a lady who's been researching the ancient Greek religion, and who practices it - wherein she scolded the "Pagans", "Wiccans", and so on, for polluting the terminology...

    Any Wiccan worth her salt [pun intended!!!] should know that the word "Pagan" is actually an INSULT!!! "Heathen" is slightly better, but after watching the lady's videos, I decided that "Neo" PolyTheist would be most fitting for my current form of worship... ["Neo" = new, recently instituted, since much of the ancient wisdoms and practices were destroyed by Jews, Christians, and Muslims... And of course, "PolyTheist" meaning multiple deities...]

    But there are many practitioners who are 'fringe'. I'm currently 'fringe' - or more properly, a "solitary"... It's a very individual path, which was its great attraction for me! No dogma per se, just a gradual seeking of one's own spiritual enlightenment...

    Sounds like she's in her 'early' stages on the path - or maybe she just likes where she's at, right now...


  • littlebird

    Thanks for the explanation, zid, I learn something new everyday.

  • ziddina

    Here's my thread on it:


    That includes the video from the Greek lady - I think she's a professor of Antiquities...

    Yes, one would think that a Wiccan would know about smudging... If she's Wiccan, she's probably in an 'apprenticeship', tho I don't know exactly what they DO call it... It would mean that she's - if she's part of a coven, and not a "solitary" - she's probably being taught by an older, more experienced witch...

    Maybe they haven't gotten her up to that level, yet...???

    Zid rainbow dragon queen

  • ziddina

    Whoops, just realized the significance of the little girl's nightmare...

    She's having nightmares about receiving a blood transfusion...


    Hope the Wiccan lady can break their hold on the little girl - strengthen her mind and will against being sucked into their fear-mongering...

    Pass on my "Goddess Bless" to her, please?? Only I think she'd recognice the old "Merry meet, and merry parted, till we meet again! So mote it be..." instead.

    Zid rainbow dragon

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