Abaddon and the grasshoppers

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  • pallemar

    what is it with JW and the Abaddon.

    i hear they say what Jesus is the angel of destruktion Abaddon.

    is it true?

    insigst 1 p 12 about abaddon qoutes this.

    The Interpreter’s Bible says: “Abaddon, however, is an angel not of Satan but of God, performing his work of destruction at God’s bidding.”

    but if we read rev 9.

    we can clearly see it is satan here is talking about.

    and if you read on to capture 11.

    then they are finish, the beast will come out.

    but don't JW say the beast is allreaddy out? and is UN?

    and it looks like the beast serve Abaddon, since it comes from the same place as he.

    I allso foud this Homepage


  • tec

    It is true. That's one of the last things I learned in my bible study. I was: But then they also described themselves as the locusts that torment men, and maybe they were right about that - just not in the way that they think.


  • snowbird

    LOL at Tammy.

    Tee hee hee.


  • peacedog

    i believe originally they taught that Abaddon was Satan, then flip-flopped to Abaddon being Jesus. I'm sure Jesus was appreciative of being identified as Satan by his "faithful and discreet slave" for all those years.....

  • pallemar

    Thanks tec :)

    I found something about Locusts here here.

    Anthony Morris of the Governing Body gave the final talk, “Remember,.... ....

    The program concluded with all the graduates onstage listening to Brother Lett’s final remarks. He encouraged them not to give up and said: “There is no breaking point to our integrity if we have Jehovah on our side.” He urged the new missionaries to be like locusts , pressing on in Jehovah’s service and remaining zealous, loyal, and obedient forever. w 08/15 p 32

  • Kinjiro

    Great name for a blue-grass music group!

  • tec

    Welcome, Pallemar.

    LOL @ Kinjiro.

  • pallemar

    thanks tec.

    i found some more.

    10 This is a campaign extraordinaire, one that will be memorialized for all time. Wave upon wave of insects, most prominently locusts , devastate the land. What does this mean? Revelation 9:1-12 also speaks of a plague of locusts , sent forth by Jehovah under “a king, the angel of the abyss,” who is none other than Christ Jesus. His names Abaddon (Hebrew) and Apollyon (Greek) mean “Destruction” and “Destroyer.” These locusts picture the anointed remnant of Christians who, now in the Lord’s day, go forth to devastate Christendom’s pastures by completely exposing false religion and proclaiming Jehovah’s vengeance upon it.
    w92 5/1 pp 11-12

    what role does satan play, then jesus take his place?

    i thouth jesus was water of life, not death.

    well thanks all for the replayes :)

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