Question about an old book??

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  • dances with smurfs
    dances with smurfs

    Someones thread made me remember something (kind of) interesting!

    I once saw an old book when i was sitting in the back school for a meeting. I cant remember what color it was but it was pre or near 1950s maybe?

    Anyway, one of the pictures in the front was of the 10 horned beast... and what caught my attention was that one of the heads was a unicorn?? I remember thinking that was so strange...maybe someone in here can remember what it is?
    I flipped through the thing for a few minutes and read some crazy things like motor vehicles and trains were prophecied in the bible. Im sorry thats all I remember about it, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows what that book might be??

  • Scully

    Sounds like the book titled Babylon the Great has Fallen - God's Kingdom Rules! It was about two inches thick with a deep red colored cover. It also had a separate handbook for the study questions.

  • TD

    I'm thinking you were way earlier than than the 50's, probably in a Rutherford era book. Depicting the beast with various animal heads (i.e. A boar, lion, rhino, etc. ) was common.

  • yknot

    Well start downloading until you find it...... if isn't to be found on the archive site we will start hunting down later books.

  • Quentin

    Rutherford era...1940s....different animal heads were used to depict the beast....planes, trains, cars being foretold by the bible would be his writing style, or at least the style of that time....when Rutherford went belly up there were many changes, artwork being one that would stand out....

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