Just when they thought they had all the answers I change the questions......

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  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    I wonder if this generation of dubs will be labeled as "overzealous brothers" like the ones in the 1975 screwjob. I know what "new light" is REALLY in place for but come on, "overlapping generations"? How does anyone sit there and take this crap? It's like we get a pass to be airheads (not the candy). Why is religion the only place where this kind of blatant asinine reasoning flies? If I had to guess I'd blame faith (not Hill). Example: I went to a pawn shop and saw a Sega Nomad (for those not in the know, the Nomad was a portable Genesis system) they were selling for $60. I had one of these before, unfortunately it was stolen, so at this point I was feeling kinda nostalgic. I asked the guy to let me check it out. He opens the case, plugs it in, turns it on.....SEGAAAAAAAHHH! Oh yeah, I was a kid again. But I notice he is still holding it, he's pressing the buttons and trying to show me that it's ok. The game freezes, so he turns it off and back on again. It freezes again. So what's going on here? Does this guy actually want me to fork over $60 on something I myself haven't checked out? No dice. I take my fond memory and leave the store. You know, it's like watching the geek get hit on by the hot cheerleader. 9 times out of 10 it's done because she wants to make her boyfriend jealous. Then the viewers see the "look guy, this is as far as it goes" signals but he doesn't get it, and it's like how many times do you fall for it before waking up? That's how this "new light" is. If I talk about the iPod generation, I mean the group of people whose primary choice of portable audio was iPods. NOT the generation whos got MP3 players attached to the small bones of their ear. If the WTBTS is jerkovahs special channel well this is the ghostly anomaly in the otherwise normal photo.

    1. If god told them directly how then did they get it wrong?

    2. If jesus meant the two gens make up one how does god let his own people believe otherwise if he could produce new light?

    3. Why even bother mentioning 1914 at all if they (anointed) were going to be pushing up daisies, so much so that "they are the ones who will see the ones who will make it to the new system"?

    4. Will Batman solve the Riddlers trap in time to......... (sorry, that's from a whole... 'nother...... thing)

    The point is, I'm taking Eugene's stance on this and "I just gotta call bullshit"--Final Destination 2

  • MrFreeze

    It's amazing how much my opinion has changed on religion in just the last few months. Even when I wasn't really doing what I was "supposed" to do as a JW, I still felt the need to defend them and religion in general because I still felt that they had the Truth but I could never live up to the standards so why bother trying? Now, thanks to the help of this website, some issues I have always had with the JW organization and religion in general have finally shown that I was right in doubting what was taught all along.

    It reminds me of movies I'd watch as a kid. I would see goofs and inconsistincies in the movie but would just pin the inconstincies on me missing something and that I was wrong the whole time. Now I have IMDB.com and I can see that errors I caught in the movies were in fact errors!

  • agonus

    Yes, you MUST Know The Nomad...

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