English Football Fans - your thoughts about the WC team?

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  • lepermessiah

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    I am really curious to get some thoughts from some of the England supporters.....

    The media over here in the USA has been pretty critical of the English squad, but it looks like the media in England is completely trashing the team.

    It appears that much of the criticism is valid, but I also feel that England got shafted horribly by the blown call on the goal, and this is from a die-hard Germany supporter. I think Germany was the better side yesterday, but who knows what would have happened if the score is 2-2 at halftime? The German side is young and if the game is 2-2, England may have taken a different tactical approach. Even Miroslav Klose came out today and said that England did not play as a team right from the start of the game. My family just says that was the soccer gods making amends for 1966.....

    I have read a couple of articles that destroyed the team and didn't mention the goal that wasn't counted. The outrage was completely toward the team, not toward the idiot referee who missed that call.

    That being said, they looked very average during the 3 group stage games - I was disappointed when I watched those matches since I expected more out of the English side.

    Are you more angry about the goal that wasn't or the poor play overall? The defensive breakdowns yesterday had to have people pulling their hair out.......Do you think the coach will return?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Im UK but not really a fanboy, but watched the game in question. I only start watching footie in the world cups mainly because they are supposedly the best of the best so tend to give a good show of skill.

    However England were shite. They were not a team and had not enough ambition or desire to do well enough.... and it showed. There were a few splashes of talent but overall woefully inadequate.

    Im watching Brazil v Chile at the mo and that is far more like it!! Not the ponderous crap England had to offer.


  • wobble

    We have a number of problems that are created by the peculiar circumstances our players find themselves in.

    What we have to recognise is that this is an English team, made up of players from our premier league who are made to look good, week after week, by foreign team mates.

    They don't play together much, they are opponents for most of the years in between big international games, and they have a most gruelling season of games.

    We host a great league, in the Premier League, but we are a small nation with say 40 million inhabitants.(Scotland ,Wales and Northern Ireland are not England) We don't have the English born talent, and will not in the future unless football at street level upwards is encouraged and nurtured.

    I agree with the above comment, in football parlance, "We woz shite "

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