Is it even possible to prove the existence of free will? Certainly it is assumed, but that hardly presents a 'proof'.

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  • gubberningbody

    Without "free will" , there can be no evil, if by evil we mean an entity has the ability to undertand what good is, and then freely chooses its opposite.

    That so, then what?

  • slimboyfat

    I don't believe in free will. What is the use of the concept?

  • lepermessiah

    "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice"

    - Free Will by RUSH

  • confliction

    It's interesting to think about this- I've spent many of times wondering if everything around us is nothing more than a physics playground, and how we may only be under the illusory impression that we have true freedom of will.

    It would seem that by current scientific laws, our four (some say 5?) dimensions are the only ones that we have, and this is what makes up our physical world. If this is correct than all physical particles are just in an spectacular ballay of the physical forces- nothing more.

    But, something I am looking forward to, is the studies revealed by the Large Hadron Collider, aka LHC. Through their scientific approach at analyzing in never previously accomplished detail, one of the things they are wanting to see is if our physical particles are in any way influence by another dimension- call it the dimension of "free will", if you want. By analyzing the data from the LHC, it is expected to see a so-called "glimpse" of this other dimension, that can be traced by the studying of the after-effects of particular collision.

    I'm not a scientist and I probably have my facts wrong anyways lol- but you get the drift I hope...

  • Terry

    A self-sufficient being has no need of "Free".

    A dependant being's life is contingent on making sustaining decisions.

    The life-sustaining physical functions are "involuntary". Your heartbeat, breathing, etc. are automatic.

    But, what you eat and when devolves down to necessity.

    If God created a dependant, non self-sustaining creature such as man and did not make him an equal the result is doom.

    That is, unless God creates a tension of contingency with a promise of continual sustaining action on His part.

    Otherwise, God pulls the plug, so to speak.

    It is a Protection Racket. "Do this, or, you die."

    Now any creature with intelligence will not willingly choose death.

    Only an intelligent creature who can NOT exercise absolute control will end up causing his own demise.

    Inadvertant action would compel the act which brings about the creature's death.

    Think of a squirrel running out into the street and getting run over by a car. The squirrel doesn't know it can't out run a car. It TRIES to get away and cannot. Why? The nature of the squirrel limits its options and the decision leading to death is part of its options.

    The idea that Man wanted to be like God knowing Good and Bad only indicates his Creator made him lacking and insufficient in that very knowledge.

    Seeking it led to his death like an unwitting squirrel trying to out run something insuperable.

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