Governing Body's food poisoning

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  • wasblind

    Be careful of the meat you eat in due season given out by the Governing Body, it might make you sick.

    such as: On pg 133 in "Reasoning from the Scriptures" it says: If any individuals or Organizations claim to represent God but decline to use God's personal name, and make it a practice to express their own opinions on matters, are they measuring up to this important qualification of a true prophet?"

    The Watchtower Organization claim to be Gods only channel on earth. They use Jehovahs personal name. And they claim they don't use their own personal opinion on matters, but hold strickly to Bible principles.

    Yet when their prophesies did not come to pass, according to their qualifications of a prophet. does this make them false ?

    In the sept 15, 2010 watchtower, on page 13 paragragh 8 in the last sentence it is stated that this come from God not man.

    Now read Dueteronomy 18:21-22

  • wasblind

    Deuteronomy 18: 21-22

    Is the scripture that best describes a false prophet, and yet this is the very one they DELIBERATLEY leave out in the chapter under FALSE PROPHETS on page 132 in the "REASONING from the SCRIPTURES" book.

  • ziddina


    In point of fact, the Jehovah's Witnesses AREN'T using "God's" TRUE NAME. Their behavior is similar to someone who THINKS they are 'best friends' with another person, constantly pointing to 'their' friend, "Bill", only his name ISN'T "Bill", at all! It's "Bob", or "Brad", or perhaps even "Johnny". Would "Bob", "Brad", or even "Johnny", consider the person to be his 'friend', if he can't even get his NAME right???

    Once I learned that the Hebrews were AFRAID to pronounce the "name" of their "true" god, I was suspicious of all the WTBTS' ballyhooing of the name "Jehovah"... And it isn't even the RIGHT name!!!

    So much for being the "only people proclaiming "his" name"...!!


  • tec

    In the sept 15, 2010 watchtower, on page 13 paragragh 8 in the last sentence it is stated that this come from God not man.

    Good. Then no one will be able to say that they don't claim to be speaking God's words. Ought to clear things up, and from their own writings.


  • wasblind

    That's exactly right Tammy,

    this sept 2010 watchtower locks them into being a false prophet. According to Duet: 18: 21-22.

    i should have given this thread another name. But i was thrown off by them mentioning

    spiritual food. I should have named it." Another WT rag bites them in the Ass"

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