Ever had a freind try to possess you?

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  • highdose

    I seem to attract these types, maybe because i'm an easy going person. Lately theres been a whole spate of this in my life. These freinds who want to spend every day with me and it looks like we have a really good freindship then as soon as i'm not so easy going about something or when i try to introduce another freind of mine to them ... all hell breaks loose!

    Are there alot of these kinda people around or maybe i just draw them to me? thing is... i like being easy going, i've never been the type to want to control everything but sometimes this aspect of me can really be a kicker!

  • serenitynow!

    I had a friend like that once. She liked to keep tabs on me like what days i was off work, got mad if i didnt let her know my availability. I used to joke that we were not a couple, therefore i didnt think i had to check in. She was controlling and spoiled, she'd get all pissed if she didnt get her way. I eventually got tired of it.

  • yknot

    Oh yes.....

    Both myself and my oldest child.

    In fact my child had to dump that person last week!

    My oldest was attending a VBS and so was the other child.

    The friend turned into a 'cling-on' and when my child tried to get some distance and talk to the other children, the 'friend' turned into a wall-flower, only to than barge into a private conversation and start screaming and accusing my child of gossiping and backstabbing. When my child left early for a sports event apparently the 'cling-on friend' went around trying to tell the other children how 'best-est friends they were with my child' in order to hurt a few feelings of the other children and to create an isolation situation for my child....... and YES IT GET WORSE!

    Cling-on child than goes into a texting-bullying mode!

    So my child was like 'weird'......see ya!

    But the next day the cling-on child comes to VBS with a cast on their arm and claims the other children pushed the cling-on to the ground. Cast is homemade looking, and cling-on child's mother wouldn't send her kid back if it was true!....... but the cling-on spent the rest of the day trying to garner sympathy as a means of socialization.

    Last day of VBS, cling-on followed my child around to the point of having to request adult intervention.

    ....and all I can think is 'what up' ....... I thought worldly people were suppose to be 'normal'.

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