Bane, you are not thinking clearly, let us help you!

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  • asilentone

    Bane, I started this thread because you have been hijacking other threads. Stick with this thread!



    Bane is`nt a JW..

    He`s one of the rare nutcases we get,who like to pretend to be a JW..

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • asilentone

    Now I agree that he is never a JW. Bane, you should know what BOE is if you are/were a JW?

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Im a JW who would like to pretend Im not and never was. Does that count? Can I play? ohhh go on say I can.

    I think you'll find that ppl like this are:

    1. Either very NEW in "da TROOOOOF" i.e just baptized or soon to be maybe at the comming DA after a whirlwind 6 months of HIGHLY INTENSIVE once weekly WTS publications study (i.e 1 book + ongoing study in 2nd book) + reg meeting attendance and some d2d work and are very zealous pioneer wannabees. Hence unfamiliar with terms like BOE, ...Still big bullshit liers though.

    2. Have had contact / upbringing in JW but never baptised, but have familly in hence aplogist mentality, but hence lack of terms like BOE, ...still big bullshit liers though.

    3. Are real dyed in the wool JW who was baptised but has drifted, DFd, years ago but still BELIEVES, hence apologist mentality but memory fade of terms like BOE, ...still big bullshit liers though.

    4. A nut job.

    5. A JW(ish) nut job.

    6. Intentionally left blank for illogical outcomes.

    Does that help even in the slightest?

    If you dont know what BOE means then here's a clue. Take the 1st letter of the anacronym (the shortened word made up of letters you dont understand the meaning of) and find a word that fits with the others letters in the anacronym.

    So BOE could mean any of the following ..depending on the context:

    Body of evidence

    Boring old elders

    Buy our enemas

    Busy old endtimers

    Basic output endtax

    So you pays yer money and you takes your choices.


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