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  • ssn587

    Have been wondering if here is a specific time that the U. S. and other countries required people(s) who traveled in and out of them to have proper vaccinatins against diseases? I have recently been wondering about this. An older brother years ago had mentioned to us that they had to mask the fact that their children had certain vaccinations when they really hadn't. Which in my book made him and those others who had done it liars, cheats, and irresponsible.

    But is there somewhere where one could look up and definitely see that i.e. the state department, department of health or someone actually required in and out of country travelers to be vaccinated against certain diseases? Any and all help will be very much appreciated. thank you in advance.

    Was it the vaccination requirement for travelers that suddenly made it ok for Jdubs to be vaccinated?

  • CuriousButterfly

    Here is a link from the CDC.

    CDC Vaccinations

  • ssn587

    Come on you historians no one has the answer or a real good guess? What is it with you all?

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