"God Wanted a Special Father's Day Gift"

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  • Rabbit

    So-o-o... He arranged to end the lives of 2 Fathers and ruin the lives of many more for that Special .

    This is a terrible tragedy in the Dallas area, at first, I thought the 'title' came from an idiot preacher. I was wrong.

    In my opinion, the needy god of the Bible just isn't worth the 'love', adulation and respect religionists claim for it. What bothers me most is most believers just don't even question the "...whatever-god-wants-god-gets-with-my-unquestioning-blessing-and godly-fear-of disagreeing..." Or, something like that.

    Yay, gawd!

    NBC Dallas Fort Worth

    "God Wanted a Special Father's Day Gift" Chief Humphrey

    Updated 3:45 PM CDT, Sat, Jun 26, 2010

    "God decided he wanted a special Father's Day gift, and that was Craig Shaw," said Lancaster Police Chief Kevin Humphrey.

    Family, police officers from around Texas, friends and strangers gathered at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church in Dallas to pay their respects to fallen police officer Craig Shaw, a 5-year veteran of the Lancaster Police Department. Shaw was gunned down on Father's day, June 20.

    "He paid the ultimate sacrifice which allowed others to live," said Chief Humphrey. "For Craig's brave act, we are honored to award him both the police cross and the medal of honor posthumously."

    Shaw also served as a member of the Southwest Regional Response Tactical team, and leaves behind his wife, Tiwanda, three children and his extended family. During services on Saturday, Shaw was remembered as a family man who loved being a police officer and loved the community of Lancaster.

    Lancaster Police Chief Kevin Humphrey on Officer Craig Shaw

    Lancaster Police Chief Kevin Humphrey on Officer Craig Shaw WATCH

    Lancaster Police Chief Kevin Humphrey on Officer Craig Shaw

    Shaw Funeral Procession

    Shaw Funeral Procession LOOK

    Shaw Funeral Procession

    "He was committed and passionate about his job, and those whom he worked with, however nothing was more important to him than this family," said chief Humphrey. He and Tiwanda were high school sweethearts who married soon after graduating. Shaw, 37, was a graduate of H. Grady Spruce High School and joined the Lancaster Police Department in 2005. He previously worked for the City of Dallas Marshals office.

    Officer Shaw is the first Lancaster police officer to be killed in the line of duty. The accused shooter, David Brown Jr., is the son of Dallas police chief David Brown. He was also killed during the gun battle.

    23-year old Jeremy McMillian, an innocent bystander, was laid to rest on Friday. Less than two months ago he became a father for the first time and was engaged to be married. McMillian had arrived at the River Bend apartments to have dinner and a movie night with his sister, Jackie, when he was caught in the crossfire.

    On Tuesday, June 22, Dallas Police Chief David Brown issued an email to his department, a portion of it read:

    "My deepest sympathy goes out to Officer Craig Shaw’s family, the Lancaster police Department and to the citizens that he was attempting to protect. I also want to express my sympathy to the family of Jeremy McMillian. I have reached out to both families. I pray that both families find comfort from their faith, family and friends during this difficult time."

    Chief David Brown
    Dallas Police Department.

    A trust fund has been set up for Craig Shaw's children and family at Chase Bank. Donations to the Craig Shaw Trust Fund can be made at any Dallas-Fort Worth location.

    First Published: Jun 26, 2010 1:25 PM CDT

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  • glenster

    So far, everyone dies, and believers and non-believers may mourn for the
    deaths of loved ones. The best you can do is find the good in the bad and good,
    which includes that people can love each other. Believers may even want to be
    with loved ones in an afterlife. I think the chief used a slangy way to add a
    hope for a nice afterlife as a tribute that the slain officer was good and, in
    his belief, considered good by God, and to console the mourners that the love of
    the mourners was worthwhile.

    He meant a compliment and an understanding that a love for someone may include
    a hope that a love isn't ended by death but might continue. Another might not
    want that hope but the harsh intentions attributed to the chief are unlikely.
    There are other cases where believers or non-believers have been cruel I might
    agree were cruel, but there's not much to make a case of there.

  • Rabbit

    I fully understand that the Chief 'meant' well.

    My point is: Death is bad enough all by it's self, but, when you add a god into the equation that has a reputation for petty, jealous anger and large scale violence...it is rather easy to attribute and accept that god's 'agents of death' can be murderers, rapists, drunk drivers, etc. Then, it's a 'happy' trip to heaven or even that wanted reunion.

    I simply cannot respect people -- if that is their attitude toward any god.

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