Continuation of "The Theocratic Life and Times of Theodore Jaracz. NEW"

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    Yesterday evening I posted a comment on the thread that Dogpatch (Randy Watters) started a few days ago where he put my Freeminds article, "The Theocratic Life and Times of Theodore Jaracz. NEW". ore-Jaracz-NEW

    I was using Firefox instead of Windows Explorer and that caused a situation I have never run into before, but I bet Lady Lee and Simon have seen this before. When I'm using Firefox, my post can be seen at the end of the thread, but when I use IExplorer to read the thread, my post is not there. All I see at the end of the thread is half of an empty box with the AndersonsInfo photo in the left corner and I can't scroll down any further.

    So I thought I'd put the post using Explorer on page one of the thread thinking it would go to the end of page 2, but it wouldn't post. Now the thread is on the first page of "Active Topics" and if using Firefox, my post can be read, but if using IE, it can't and no further posts can be added to the thread.

    I would like you all to see my post because found there are the links to Alan Feuerbacher's 2001 phone call to Ted Jaracz and the call is especially illuminating.

    Here's the information and the links I was trying to post:

    I’d like to explain what was meant in my article when it was said that Jaracz put the Bible first, not the organization. Usually, Jaracz is identified in our minds as first and foremost an organization man and he picked only organization men to groom to be Governing Body members. However, the context actually explains what was meant in my quote:

    "Also, he said the UK branch was unhappy with Brooklyn and they and the leadership at the Australian branch were pushing to have Brooklyn overhauled and to abandon the two-Witness policy. Nevertheless, the preservation of “God’s organization” was second to Jaracz, the Bible teaching was first."

    The two branches were unhappy and wanted Brooklyn overhauled and to “abandon the two-Witness policy.” It was that so-called Bible-based policy they wanted Brooklyn to abandon, and to Jaracz that Bible teaching was first, or as trebor observed, “his believed interpretation” of that scripture was first. To the leadership of those two branches, the use of that scripture in molestation accusations was causing all the problems. However, to Jaracz, this Bible teaching was first even though it meant the “organization” i.e., the UK and Australian Branches, were unhappy, but they were of secondary concern to him.

    For those of you who would like to hear Jaracz’s personal views about the events happening in 2001 connected with the then up-coming NBC Dateline program, here are links to a lengthy telephone conversation that former Witness and frequent Watch Tower critic, Alan Feuerbacher, had with Ted Jaracz back in 2001 that is most illuminating.

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    The original thread has been fixed so Barb has asked me to close this one

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