Do you shop from TV, HSN, QVC or from infomercials?

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  • littlerockguy

    I find myself taking advantage from outlets like HSN and online shopping for different reasons, one basic reason being that I hate the experience of going to Wal Mart or some other dept store only to find the item out of stock, long lines and stuff, and not to mention not having what you want in the first place.

    I buy skincare products (certain brand I have been using for a long time) from HSN when they have special deals on it better than I can get off ebay and I also buy certain Andrew Lessman vitamins when he has specials on it and other stuff from HSN.

    It's basically it's website I order my stuff. Many times when you order from online the shipping and handling and even setting up of stuff is free, unlike when you order from a big box dept store. I also buy most of my books online through Amazon and ebay. Have these outlets changed the way you shop?


  • lola28

    LRG, I don't but I wanted to stop by and say "hello", it's been too long since i've seen you around here!


  • Snoozy

    No, I have ordered on line though. I am very careful tho and usually buy a gift card to use and not my personal info.

    So far I have ordered home decor items and a game on I


    Edited to add: I just remembered a long time ago I did order something from Time life..that was an experience!!!

  • Palimpsest

    I don't buy anything off television because it ends up being more expensive in the long run. You can get the same items in stores or on-line for lower costs; you just have to look. I do, however, buy a lot of my books through B&N and Amazon.

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