Watchtower/Toyota Prius

by exwhyzee 3 Replies latest jw friends

  • exwhyzee

    Like the Toyota Prius.....I wonder if there will be a factory recall of the millions of pieces of literature that were spread throughout the world with the WRONG "generation" information in them ?

  • NiceDream

    Hahaha, it's kinda like when we were studying the Revelation book a few years back and had to paste little "alterations" over certain sentences and scriptures...I gave up and got an updated book.

  • wasblind

    I threw away alot of stuff but i kept my reasoning from the scriptures book and my kingdom proclaimers book theres a lot of damaging bunk in just those two books i use these for witessing to the witness. Scince i been showing the ones who came around the contradictions they havent been around in months its almost like showing garlic to a vampire. i don't see why because they still use these books

  • Gopher

    Toyota does recalls because they're regulated by the governments of the world.

    Watchtower will not do recalls because they're an unregulated religious corporation, and religions can literally get away with anything up to and including murder.

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