Watchtower Golden Age editor encourages Smoking...but died from throat cancer!! Insisted on being called "The Canvasser." Wierdo!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Golden Age 10/25 1933 p.57 "Infeebled constitutions, inherited from fashionable mothers, cannot stand up under tabbaco..." {Translation - only mama's boys don't smoke!} Good medical advice! Watch 2000 10/1 p.29 tells us that this same editor Clayton Woodworth in 1951 had his voicebox removed due to Cancer brought on by a lifetime of smoking. Just months later he "finished his earthly course..."

    Clayton didn't approve of ANY titles like the Clergy so, while visiting Brothers would speak of himself in the third person, calling himself "the Canvasser." {See Yearbook 1985 p.228} E.G Refering to himself - "The Canvasser delivered his speech today..." Wierd!

    Vaccines - In his book "Faith on the March" page. 188 Brother Mc millan convinced a group of frightened Witnesses in jail during W.W 2 who would rather be in Solitary then take a vaccine, that vaccines are okay, having to take one himself to prove his point! Why the fear?

    Golden Age 1923 p.214 Rabies the most unhygenic, barbaric, filthy, abhorant, and most dangerous...causing ulcers, syphilis, T.B, cancer, insanity and death..."

    They were only following directions from "the faithful slave."

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