One person of my former book study has maintained contact with me, but I haven't heard from him in 6 months

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    He's 4rth gen witness and doesn't buy into all the negativeness, talks to df'ed relatives and is really a great guy. What's changed is that he's got his first and unexpected child. I know that would keep anyone hopping, but I can't help but think that becoming a parent is causing him to think really seriously about whether he wants to raise his child in this cult. He knows I won't tell him what to do, but he is a responsible and decent young man and I just know he's as they say "between the devil and the deep blue sea" right now.

    To me, once you know what this cult is and how bad it is for your health, you know you'll eventually quit.

    I think many are trying to limit their exposure as much as a smoker who realizes that smoking is bad, and yet wants to be healthy tries to eat healthy and get some exercise, and switch to low tar/nicotine cigarettes, and uses the patch.

    Some imagine they can "quit any time".

    My thoughts are, having been formerly a person who had dipped snuff for years, and yet was an ultramarathoner during all that time, is that people like my friend know that they need to quit, but just don't like the cost of quitting, but now it's not just HIS health he'd be ruining. It'd be his little girl whom I know he loves.

    It's really quite sad.

    I don't know whether to calll him to see how he's doing or whether I should let him be until he's had time to think about things.

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