Tribute to Ray Franz conference call now up ... Randy Watters, Barbara and Joe Anderson, James Penton, Ron Fry.

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  • koolaid-man

    T his is a special program in tribute to Ray Franz, former Governing body member . Many of
    Ray's friends talk about how Ray influenced their lives and helped so many people to see the
    falsehoods of the Watchtower organization. Some of Richard's guests are James Penton,
    Randy Watters, , Ron Frye, Barbara and Joe Anderson and many others who were
    "touched by Ray".

  • gumby

    Thank you Randy.

    I've been away from here so long I didn't even know Ray had died. It's strange that I've recently wondered how he was doing and even wanted to give him a call.

    He helped thousands to see how this destructive cult works from the inside and at least showed the many what wasn't the truth by reminding people that there is no "go between" or channel between christ and man.

    So nice to see you still aiding others such as this thread. Take care


  • Rabbit

    Goomby, how are ya' doing? You have a pm

    Jaracz went to Heaven recently, did they announce that at meeting?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Jaracz went to Heaven Hell recently, did they announce that at meeting?


  • Rabbit

    Mad S.

    You can't fix sarcasm...

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