My uncle is attending foreign language 3 day 2010 summer Convention.He doesn't understand one word!

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    My uncle is in his late 80's .Due to many health problems,my uncle and aunt won't be able attend to the 2010 summer convention which will be in Dekalb,IL. The drive is close to 90 miles from where they live.

    So.....they have decided to attend a Spanish convention which is 20 minutes away from home. Someone from the local Kingdom hall will drop them off and pick them up each day.The sad part is that neither speaks or understands Spanish.They will sit there for 3 days and not understand one word. Talk about loyalty!(or is it stupidity)

    Did you or anyone you know ever attend a foreign language assembly or convention and waste your time?

  • undercover

    I knew of some pioneers who went to foreign language conventions in addition to their own. They could speak the language some. I think they were just looking to, um, make friends, yea, that's it.

    You're experience reminds me of an elder I knew who moved his family to Mexico to "serve where the need is great"... and they could barely order a meal in a Mexican restaurant, let alone communicate in Spanish.

  • RebeccaChi

    Lol at the elder who moved his family to Mexico! What a loser! How the hell can you "serve" when you cannot speak the local language. These are the idiots who are running the congregations. Nice.

  • carla

    I wish mine would go to all foreign language meetings! he only speaks and understands english

  • sir82

    I reckon he'll fit right in when they start explaining about "overlapping generations".

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