Judgement Day for the USA, England, and Germany at the WC

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  • lepermessiah

    No, I am not talking about the Anglo-American World Power!

    What is your feeling for todays matches?

    This is a HUGE match for the future of USA Soccer. They HAVE to win today.

    As for England and Germany, a tie or a loss today is a national embarassment.

    Germany has gotten out of the group stage for the last 80 years or so, but I am nervous to say the least.

    The referees have done such a good job of screwing up this tournament that I worry about another yellow-card happy ref, a goal disallowed for no reason, etc.....

    I have been waiting for England to "flip the switch" and start looking good, but it hasnt happened yet.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    U.S.A. and Slovenia will go through - and they deserve it. They have played the best football in the group.

    England have been very poor, and no I am not just saying that because I am scottish!!! I thought England would get to the quarter finals at least.

    I will be going for a sneaky coffee break at around about 3pm local time which just happens to coindice with kick off

    The Scotsman

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