So is this a new way they are trying to place literature ??

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I was at the 'Dollar General' store this morning and in their magazine /book rack was a brand new "Greatest Man" book ? I picked it up and looked it over and sure enough published by WTBTS price tag affixed so I assume a Witness put it in there as a placement .... I took it to the check out clerk ,and told her "This is not a sale item , Jehovah's Witnesses publish this book and leave it with people free of charge " She just shrugged her shoulders and put it to the side .....

  • donny

    LOL. I wouldn't put it past some wise guy JW to think this may be a way to distribute their literature. Maybe they swapped (ie stole) another dollar item to compensate for the "free" donation.

  • undercover

    heh heh Dollar Generals are usually close to, if not next to, laundromats. Someone got their businesses mixed up, or some smartass laundromat owner moved it to the DG so as to not sully his premises...

  • dgp

    If I were a bad guy, I would put a hefty price tag on that book. That sure is a way to prevent people from getting it.

    But I think it's an even better idea to let ideas flow freely. That usually leads people to think and to question things, and that is what we badly need.

  • garyneal

    My family and I found WT literature on top of a trash can outside the post office next to a Dollar General. Earlier that morning, I told her she could've placed some literature at various places (like laundromats) and count the time she spent doing it. She is still in zealous mode so she dismissed that idea but yet, there was the literature on top of the trash can.

    After mailing some stuff off we started back to the car. My daughter went to the trash can and pushed the magazines into it.

  • scotinsw

    Gary - well done to your daughter!

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