My heart bleeds for (This woman) the women.

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  • acolytes

    When ever bethel is rang the sister answers and places your call with an experienced brother.

    So today I rang the bethel and spoke to the receptionist.

    I said my question was directed to her. This was the tough question "Can you Imagine NEVER having had a child and held that child in your arms.........the conversation progressed and the sister said "Do you know how old Iam....."

    To cut a long phone-call. short I hoped to bring a young sister to her realisation that bethel was a prison. I got an elderly sister who realised that she was in a prison.

    My heart bleeds for the women in bethel. They have so much dignity taken from them . They are truly victims of this madness.


  • meangirl

    Very well said. The organization definitely takes dignity away from women for sure. One thing I noticed as a kid and the older I got the more disgusted I became. Nice to see such a compassionate post......makes me think there are some decent people out there.....sometimes when I read the posts on this board I often wonder.....

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