Could Facebook Defeat The Watchtower?

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  • metatron

    If you've been on boards such as this one for a long time, you may have noticed a profound change in what's posted. On the old H2O board, you commonly had long, detailed debates concerning every aspect of Watchtower doctrine and history. While I thought I was very well informed in this area, I was often amazed at the stuff that came up that I'd never heard about.

    And the discussions about 607 chronology were mind-numbingly extensive........

    ...........but all that's over now!

    I believe this change reflects a change in the organization itself. As never before, Witnesses have moved into a defensive posture. They frequently protest that contrary logic and facts are offensive to them and run away. Rutherford must be spinning in his grave. They are forced to be careful in monitoring boards like this one because the monitors end up falling out of the 'truth'.

    I believe they have largely lost the best and the brightest - and are now stuck with the willingly dumb, the inept, the frightened and confused and the blindly arrogant.

    Things are rapidly decaying at the top, especially as they lose donations and elders. If the Organization completely depended on dynamic, inspirational leadership, the End (of them) would be easily in sight. However, this does not end their cult-like grip on most publishers, who while tired, have 'no place to go'.

    Enter Facebook, MySpace and Social Networking.

    I see young Witnesses in particular going to these sites with a zeal that exceeds anything they manifested towards meetings or field service. It provides broad social support and association to a degree that the Organization cannot hope to provide. It is 'always on', as a ready competitor to enfeebled Watchtower efforts.

    Losing money and leadership at the top. Losing social support to competition at the bottom. This is how it will end for this cult, not with a bang but a whimper.

    I notice that the Governing Frauds seem to be nearly apoplectic about getting off Facebook - over and above other concerns.

    Even in their dim-witted blindness, they may grasp what is happening.

    Be afraid, Watchtower. Be very afraid.

    metatron (Hari Seldon?)

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It's still a long road. There are enough middle-aged elders to maintain the status quo for a few more decades. But the point you make is a good one. They're not going to be replaced well or easily by the young ones coming up.

  • TheListener


    You're Hari Seldon reference is spot on. Since I stopped being a witness I have thought that the Foundation series does have some parallels to the dubs and their theology.

  • WingCommander

    I have to agree to some extent. As for the post before mine about middle-aged Elders running the show for DECADES, I don't know about that. I know around here about 90% of the Elders are like 60+ years old. Any man younger than that is WORKING to make ends meet, as we all know wives aren't supposed to work outside the home and are only good for pioneering. And if you think Elders are hard to come by, try finding the Pre-Elder types - Ministerial Servants!!

    It's like, "Hey Brother 20-year old too Busy: How would you like more priviledges like mowing the KH grass, organizing the service groups, holding microphones, doing crap jobs and chores with no pay at all?"

    Brother 20-year old Too Busy replies, "No Thanks Brother Elder ShineyShoes, I'm too busy at work, with my young children, and with other activities. Ask Brother Asskisser, as he is single and living in his parent's basement yet and pioneering."

    Brother Elder ShineyShoes answers, "Oh ok. Well, let us know if you change your mind. You know, becoming a ministerial servant is the first step to eventually becoming an Elder!! Wouldn't that be a fine example to your children!!" Secretly, Brother Elder ShineyShoes knows he can't ask Brother Asskisser to be a MS because Bro Asskisser is a child molestor and peeping Tom.

    So you see, there are no young ones to really take the place of the older Elders who are getting really up in age and dying off. The majority are reluctant and don't even want to be Ministerial Servants much less Elders. Wow.....imagine doing even MORE chores around the Kingdom Hall all the while getting no pay and missing out on time with your family - sounds like a dream come true, right? WRONG, and the young men know this, especially if they are "born-ins". I decided at a VERY young age I wanted nothing to do with "priviledges" as they weren't "priviledges" at all, they were CHORES and busy work, and only benefited The WatchTower and Kingdom Hall. It sure didn't beneift the Elder's families. That was one of the first cons I actually saw through....making men run no circles on the hamster wheel and in realitty getting nowhere. Pfffftttt - no thanks!!!!

    Also, how much anti-social can the JW's become? They have absolutely NOTHING to offer the youth, no Sunday School, no youth programs, no daycare, no Bible Camps, no teen retreats, NOTHING. The world is becoming more and more SOCIAL, more open, more FREE......and the JW's are becoming more and more anti-social, isolationist, paranoid, uneducated, and imprisoned.

    Is there any wonder the youth are leaving in DROVES? There is no wonder to me.

    - Wing Commander

  • dgp

    I have the feeling that the very first reason Facebook and the like are competition for the Watchtower is the fact that they tend to draw people and keep them busy. That is, they take up valuable TIME. And then, if you're on Facebook, inevitably you will make use of information that they can't control. But I would think time is a real concern, too. What if you want to do some networking instead of memorizing your magazine?

  • sir82

    They are clearly terrified of the internet. Did you catch last Sunday's WT study? Fully 1/4 of it was devoted to the evils of, not just porn but internet pornography.

    Apparently, even just a brief glance at a spam e-mail with a scantily-clad lady will IRREPARABLY SEAR ITS IMAGE INTO YOUR BRAIN AND HARM YOU FOR LIFE!

    If not so pathetic it would be laughable.

    I note the "cutoff age" for apathy and utter lack of desire to "reach out" for more privileges creeping upward. It used to be 25 - 30, now it is solidly in the 30's. There will be, before too long, a real crisis that will, pound for pound, dwarf the "priest shortage" in the Catholic church that the magazines used to gloat about.

  • joelingeorgia

    The Foundation Series is based on logic. If anything, the Watchtower society might be parallel to The Mule who thwarts rationality. The Watchtower is a 20th century religion based on "end time" thinking. The scarier the world gets the more "end time" thinking attracts followers. Fear is not logical but it still has to be dealt with by the human brain.

  • Vachi 8 He Is
    Vachi 8 He Is

    "I have given a name to my pain......and it is Batman" (with Batman being the internet) With the construction of the information superhighway, those Sunday driving elders in their horses#!t drawn buggies just can't keep up. Blind acceptance is a cornerstone of their foundation after it's all said and done.

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