Delroy Grant.....The Night Stalker?

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  • Gill

    Is it true that Delroy Grant is a Jehovah's Witness?

    I remember hearing of his arrest in November and yesterday a trial date was set for next March.

    If it is true....will the Witnesses claim he was not one of their own?

    I don't know if anyone has asked about this yet.

  • Gill

    My apologies!

    I have NO idea why this is posted three times?


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Harley Burford, a minister at the Forest Hill Kingdom Hall where the Grants worshipped as Jehovah’s Witnesses, described them as a warm and close couple.
    “Everyone in the congregation will be shocked by the news. They seemed very close and very warm and were a lovely family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jennifer and her family and of course with all the victims.”

    That is probably the closest you will get to an admission that he was a Dubbie without joining that congregation.

  • wobble

    They will claim that he has " not been an "active" Witness for some time " if he did not put in a F.S report for a while, as though that distances them from this monster.

    Mind you, he could have been going door to door regularly and picking out his victims.

  • Gill

    Thanks, Black Sheep and Wobble.

    I remembered the case coming up last NOvember and have wondered what happened until yesterday when I heard about the trial date.

    So, he IS definitely a dub.

    I wonder how this is going to affect wavering dubbies to realise and understand that they are not special or different to everyone else, something that has not sunk in with the majority still.

    A concerning case but it will be interesting to see what outcome this has and what effect on dubs going door to door, bearing in mind that the public will be incensed over this case, and Grant may try to use his dubbiness to claim 'specialness'.

    It was only last year that Cherie Booth let a man off prison because he claimed to be religious.

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